EFA-Speak for Animals

We designed a Social Media Campaign for EFA, in order to raise awareness and foster political commitment around animals’ welfare in Europe.


Riparte il Futuro Tour

With Riparte il Futuro, we documented stories about corruption and collected them on a dedicated interactive platform.


Free to speak, safe to learn

A multichannel campaign designed for Council of Europe to highlight the inspiring work done every day by education professionals, students and parents to develop democratic and inclusive schools.


Protect Wild Life

We designed an engaging social media campaign for WWF to raise awareness around water ecosystem issues.


Housing Europe video

We designed a 2d animated video for Housing Europe, in order to raise awareness and increase engagement in Social Hosing benefits.


Fish Welfare Campaign

A social media communication toolkit for the Member Organisations of Eurogroup to raise awareness of Fish Welfare issues.



A multichannel campaign designed for Riparte il Futuro focus on transparency during the 2018 Italian political elections.



A microsite to track and display data about the hate speech of candidates during the 2018 Italian political elections campaign.



We created an engaging website to promote a global movement of makers and a week of fun events all around the world.



We designed and developed the website with all the information about the Search and Rescue activities done by MSF in the Mediterranean sea, with interactive maps and detailed graphs. – Let’s change the world!

How can we change the world? Starting a petition is a way! We realized this great presentation video to show is the best place to start your own petition, promote it and gather supporters.



An engaging website that spreads awareness of destructive fishing in the Arctic and invites people to support Greenpeace in their fight for protecting our planet.



Greenpeace asked us to design a landing page, a booklet and several social media cards to show people all over the world how major tech companies are selling devices that become obsolete in 2 years.



Highlighting the consequences of corruption in Italy with Riparte il futuro, with an ambient campaign and a data-viz website



MSF asked us a to identify the campaign claim and tagline, and the visual for the public action of March 25 in Rome, to contrast European leaders policies about forced returns and blocks of migrants and refugees.



A catchy and yet informative call to action addressed to Italian organizations: join the movement to make the nonprofit sector more reachable, trustworthy and easy to explore.


AGESCI New Identity

The purpose of Agesci is to contribute to the education of kids, preteens and teenagers during their spare time.



Hate Speech strikes from behind our screens and we are taking action against it. The campaign is against the expressions of hate speech online in all forms, especially those targeting youth: cyber-bullying and cyber-hate.


Water Integrity Network

For Water Integrity Network we aimed to realized a website where data and information about water integrity could be easily found, without losing the visual impact.


Art Bonus

Art Bonus is a complex project that required a website with a layered structure to let all the different users find and obtain what they need in an easy and guided way.


Greenpeace – Action Banners

We realized some banners for Greenpeace to be used during an action against drilling in the Sicily channel and to promote the use of renewable energy.


I know who grew it

I know who grew it is a project born to raise awareness around food and its production processes.


Building Digital Campaigns

A workshop dedicated to fundraising and digital campaigning to help students and young professionals understand and develop an online and offline social campaign.


Fiction or life

Corruption in Italy may seem unbelievable, and yet it is true. Can you tell a true fact from a fictional one? We challenge you!


Quiz: How corrupted are you?

Corruption seems to be related to politicians and business men, but it's not true. Find out how your everyday life can help corruption to spread over.


Detox: How Fashion Is Cleaning Up Its Act

We designed for Greenpeace the 2D animated introduction to the Detox Catwalk campaign’s short documentary about the fashion companies leading a toxic-free transparency revolution across their supply chains.


Global Alliance for Tax Justice

We collaborated with the Tax Justice Network, one of the most significant actors in raising awareness around tax justice on an international level, to design a logo for their new umbrella organization: the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.



Take care of who's taking care of your Planet! We worked with Greenpeace Italia to design a new creative campaign and two new websites for the online donation system.


EU Integrity Watch

We campaigned with Transparency International on an ambitious project to monitor MEPs' financial interests.


Worth Wearing

Latte Creative has launched its first self initiated project: Worth Wearing, an online platform that promotes and supports causes for NGOs, associations or single individuals and funds their ideas by selling customized T-shirts.


Do you know what a hate crime is?

To prevent bias-based hate crimes from happening at all, we need to recognize them and to collect data in order to better understand the problem and protect past, present and future victims. This CEJI's animated video and the whole Facing Facts campaign's goal is to make hate crimes visible, to everyone.


Save the Arctic

Time is running out for the North Pole. We worked with Greenpeace to restyle their high-priority “Save The Arctic” campaign website.


End The Cage Age

We collaborated with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to end the use of cages in the farming of animals across the European Union.


Don’t cook the planet, President Barroso!

We helped Friends of the Earth Europe, the European arm of Friends of the Earth International, the largest grassroots environmental network in Europe, in their action for one of the most urgent environmental issues.


It’s not me, It’s you.

We worked again with Greenpeace Nordic, campaigning to pressure a local consumer brand who had documented links to rainforest deforestation to clean up their palm oil supply chain.



The International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IF) is the global umbrella organization for people affected by this condition. They asked us for help with their new website and it’s branding.


A Far l’Europa Comincia Tu

“A far l’Europa comincia tu” is an advocacy and awareness campaign launched in partnership with Arcigay, the Italian LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, intersexual) association, in sight of the European Parliament elections.



A website, a video and a printed map to displays some of the best-practice investments in infrastructure projects realised recently in Europe.



Arcigay is the first LGBT organisation in Italy, one of the E.U. member countries affected most by homophobia. They committed to achieve equal status and equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. We campaigned for them to better accomplish these goals.



ActionAid is one of the biggest, best-known NGOs working in the field of poverty reduction and anti-discrimination. We campaigned with them to highlight the link between the food crisis and the climate change.



Promoting to European citizens a more critical food's consumption, a greater attention to local commerce and the advantages of fair trade.



To alert the European public about the controversial activities of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and the hazard of the extension of its mandate to North Africa following the Arab Spring.


SOLIDAR: Rights first

We all strive for a better future, for that we need a solid base of rights. In collaboration with Decent Work Balkan Network we produced a video that inspires action for basic rights in the region.



We worked with VoteWatch Europe, an independent organization which monitors and analyses the decision-making activities of the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers.


One Planet

'There is only one Earth. Rethink what we are doing to our planet.' We produced a video for the launching of WWF's Living Planet Report 2012.


MY VOTE 2014

Politics is interesting but it can also be fun! MyVote2014 aims to help and inform first-time young voters about EU Parliament, by presenting politics in a fun and comprehensive way.



We raised awareness about the positive impact of a health aid project in the Ivory Coast carried out by Terre des Hommes and the European Commission.



We can count at least 7 reasons to save the arctic. The European Greens asked us to help them shout out loud the consequences of the arctic melting.



Terre des hommes protects children from violence and abuse, to guarantee the fundamental rights. We worked with Terre des Hommes Italia to redesign their website.



‘Give a child an instrument & you give them a dream; teach that child to play & you give them a future’.
We worked with Music Crossroads to renew their website and to refresh their visual identity.



We campaigned with Greenpeace Turkey to raise awareness about coal power stations and support locals in their fight against the deadly wrong construction of a new coal station.



Italy is one of the most corrupted countries in Europe. It is time for a major campaign to enforce better laws and to raise awareness. Our mission? A movement of one million people.