We developed the creative and visual concept and the landing page for Medici Senza Frontiere’s protest action to take the migrants side against EU blocks and walls.


Medici Senza Frontiere works to provide emergency medical assistance where it is most needed. They asked us a to identify  the campaign claim and tagline, and the campaign visual for the public action of March 25 in Rome, to contrast European leaders policies about forced returns and blocks of migrants and refugees. The campaign is meant to highlight the inhumanity of European countries that hide this problem, sending back thousand of people to certain death. By designing an extremely optimize and responsive landing page we aim to reach as many participants as possible for the offline action and at the same time engage those that are not able to be there with simple online activities.


We have been asked to find an appropriate and strong campaign name, that could become the claim of an international movement and, at the same time, could be straight understood by an Italian audience: for those reason we opted for 3 simple English words that are commonly used in other languages too. These words form an expression that is a popular US slogan often used to address unwanted leaders or to protest against an institution: for example “Not my president” or “Not my government”. “Not my Europe” is the voice of a European citizen that speaks in first person, on behalf of an international community, who wants to take the distances from the EU policymakers.


How to represent the recent EU’s policies about migrants and refugees in an effective way?
We brought  some change to the European flag by replacing the stars of the official one with a barbed wire in a circular shape.
The wire does not allow anyone to get in: that’s a huge metaphorical contrast with the principle of free movement of persons, that is a one of the EU founding principle.


The action that takes place on March 25, 2017 in Rome is the starting point of the Medici Senza Frontiere initiative. For this reason, we designed a landing page easy to share, where people can also get informed about the event going on.
On the top of the page, the user can download the program to join the mobilization in Rome or sign in to join the online protest. The page is functional for both offline and online demonstrators.
In the lower part, we put six boxes where users can examine in depth the six reasons why Medici Senza Frontiere and several other organizations are gathering against European policies and than share their agreement to the “Not my Europe” campaign.