Take care of who’s taking care of your Planet! We worked with Greenpeace Italia to design a new campaign for their online donation system: Adotta un attivista  and Regala un attivista. Greenpeace is an independent NGO that doesn’t accept funding from institutions and private companies to support its actions. The campaign asks everyone who cares about the environment to help Greenpeace, by symbolically adopting an activist through a donation on the website.


Greenpeace Italia needed a brand-new online fundraising campaign to reach all the usual donors and ask them to keep supporting Greenpeace, but also to generate awareness of the organization itself and get new donors involved.
We were asked to design and develop two landing pages, one for people who donate for themselves, and the other one for people who make the donation as a gift for someone else, the latter one being focused on the Christmas period.

We were also asked to provide social media assets, in terms of design, creativity and copy.

The creative strategy had to be focused on the concept of independence: Greenpeace is proud to tell everyone that it doesn’t count on companies and institutions funds, but only on people’s small donations, online and offline.


The first challenge was to find a concept that could work for both pages (private and gift donations). The independence concept was hard to explain, as it is strongly related to economic and political reasons. We needed to add a human touch to the initiative. The first unsaid fundraising rule says that people donate more likely to people than to causes.
But who are Greenpeace people? Obviously the activists, who volunteer and dedicate their time and incredible skills to our planet’s health.
After a deep research of online donation benchmarks, we realized that “adoption” was the key. Adopting means taking care; and people who care about causes, the environment, animals, are familiar with the concept of symbolic adoption.



Working with Greenpeace Italia team was exciting: building a communication campaign on their activists, showing their faces, telling their stories was a whole new strategy.
It was really important for both of us to get real activists adopted by the donors. We met them during the photo shoot in Rome, when we took the pictures that would be featured in the home page, and we tried to stress their individual characteristics.
They are the real focus of the campaign, a symbol and a concrete incentive to donate to Greenpeace.


The campaign is still ongoing and is a great success on social media as Facebook, Twitter and Google +, where it is generating a lot of conversations and sharing.

greenpeace home page
Greenpeace Home Page

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.12.25 PM
Greenpeace Facebook page

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.13.49 PMGreenpeace Twitter Profile

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.15.04 PMGreenpeace Google+ profile


We worked successfully with Francesco Carletto (graphic/web design) and Alessandro Valsania (front-end development) from the Turin based Boumaka team. Great work guys!

Check the website and , make a donation and take care of Greenpeace!