Fiction or life

“Fiction or life”, a side project of Riparte il futuro, is a test where users are presented with some facts about corruption and they have to tell which ones are true and which are actually plots of fiction stories (movies, tv series, etc.).
This test gets users to realize how the level of corruption in Italy is often unbelievable and unlikely, yet also true and widespread.


Some students have paid up to €30.000 to get the answers of a public contest via SMS: is this fiction or life?
When it comes to corruption, some facts are unbelievable.
Are you able to distinguish reality from a movie plot?
Take the test and find out your ability to spot the difference!



The test’s intro is conceived as a theatre stage where users can select the “Take the test!” button.
The question page is split in two parts: on one side a director’s chair stands for fiction, while on the other an armchair represents real life. After giving the answer, you’ll know the truth about the fact.

Your goal is to get ten right answers, but it’s not that easy: beware, sometimes reality is more incredible than fiction!