We worked with VoteWatch Europe, an independent organization which monitors and analyses the decision-making activities of the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers.


Electio2014 is a web platform available in 24 different languages designed to help European voters decide which candidate or party to vote for in the 2014 European Parliament elections. Through electio2014.eu (offline now) website users can reach all the news and twitter conversations about elections, find out who will be the best representative for them and learn more about candidates. We developed the website regarding the ‘triple a’ conformance level protocol and made it easy accessible for blind and visually impaired people.



Electio2014 has also different sections. ‘Elect the President’ where users can cast their vote for the next President of the European Commission, and indicate which skills that users think each candidate possesses.

‘Polls and Scenarios’  is a standalone website  (pollwatch2014.eu) and since February 2014  was integrated to electio2014.eu (offline now).  In polls & scenarios section user can get regular updates and latest national polling data for each Member State and can create their own scenario, by predicting how many seats each European political group will win in the European elections.


Facebook App

We also created a Facebook widget for Electio2014 and a mobile app compatible with all the smartphones.  The app has simple and intuitive interface, made to be easily used by all age groups. We designed the icons applying figurative symbols and images representing very clearly the sections of the app and their utility. We used overall a classic and approachable style so the app can be familiar no matter how much the user is acquainted with the internet or using mobile applications.



Mobile Apps