End The Cage Age

We collaborated with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and launched a campaign in autumn 2014 that aims to end the use of cages in the farming of animals across the European Union.

The Brief

CIWF is an organization that fights for animal welfare. They are campaigning against the live export of animals, certain methods of livestock slaughter, and all systems of factory farming. End the Cage Age Campaign is an EU-wide campaign and will be run for a number of years across a number of European countries. CIWF asked us to develop the campaign name, logo and identity. The main goal was to raise awareness and inspire people to take immediate action with a striking and expressive creative campaign.

Our Work

We created and proposed various campaign concepts. Our first proposal was aiming to let people know what they have in their plates comes from pain and suffering. We created a strong visuals and direct to the point straplines. Made in Cage, Let Them Out was a clear call to action and a statement for no quality can come from a cruelty.


After so many trials and proposals we have reached our final design. In this End the Cage Age campaign, we highlighted the need of taking action right now, by using vivid images and strong ideas. Our aim was to trigger a sense of obviousness and urgency, and shouting out loud that ‘We need to take action now! Cages are against the nature.’

The sense of a paradigm shift “away from the age of the cage” is also reflected in the design with shapes of the animals in cage created in the style of iron age artworks.


The Cage Age is a concept which immediately calls the image to mind. End the Cage Age, the campaign name, successfully called the people to action while denouncing the obvious problems of cage-farming. The tone we have chosen for this campaign is funny, catchy and striking, we didn’t want to push the “drama” button.


The Approach

We believe that action is a positive thing and we’d rather focus on that. We structured the campaign for being participatory and innovative. We aimed to target people who are shaken up by desire of social change everywhere. With this campaign, we wanted to raise awareness and change the approach to the animals in cages.