Christmas without corruption

A multichannel campaign for the Christmas fundraising activity against corruption.  


In Italy corruption is pervasive. Riparte il futuro knows it well and is committed to fighting it by promoting equality to achieve a higher level of public transparency. We had the pleasure to work with the “bad guy” from Gomorra, Marco D’Amore, whom we transformed into the best character ever: Santa Claus. Like many other non-profit organizations, Riparte il futuro greatly boosts fundraising during the Christmas period. We directed the campaign video and designed and developed the donation landing page. In order to raise funds and spread the voice of Riparte il futuro, we also worked on the social media campaign and email marketing activities.


We produced a video for the web emphasizing the stereotypical Christmas atmosphere, with an unconventional and ironic approach. We needed to communicate the mission of the organization and lead viewers to the donation pageThanks to the participation of Marco D’Amore, an Italian actor famous for his criminal yet charming roles, we played with the ironic contrast of having him play a frustrated Santa Claus who struggles with ordinary problems of a corrupted country. The final fundraising request motivates users to help Santa Claus help Italians, with a donation to the cause.


The video sees the extraordinary participation of Marco D’amore and is part of an integrated communication and fundraising strategy aimed at increasing online donations during the Christmas period. Together with the team of Riparte il futuro we developed and designed an email marketing campaign with multiple A/B tests in order to improve the KPIs of the organization (open rate, click-to-rate, click-to-open rate). The main aim is collecting one-off donations directing users towards the donation landing page. Moreover, to increase the number of touch points, the social media strategy was included in the integrated campaign, involving organic and paid posts that use pictures taken during the video shooting.