A new website and a renewed visual identity for the long-established Italian scout association.



Since 1974, Agesci contributes to the education of Italian kids, preteens and teenagers by promoting out-of-school activities following the principles of scoutism. A widespread and layered organization, Agesci counts on more than 18 thousand members all over Italy. We built a multi-level information architecture for the website and designed a new visual identity, in order to meet the needs of local groups as well as national departments. We worked with Agesci in creating a new path towards the future.


We completely redesigned  the information architecture of Agesci website to simplify and optimize the navigation flow. The new vertical structure supports more generic to very specific content, in order to meet the interests of different kinds of users. The header plays a double role: it provides an overview of Agesci’s world and serves as a launcher to get access to specific sections. We chose a dynamic layout suitable for varied needs, such as organizing events or communicating news and practical information about the membership.


We created four mini-sites for every branch:  Lupetti and Coccinelle (8 to 12 years old), Esploratori and Guide (12 to 16 years old), Rover and Scolte (16 to 21 years old), Capi (older than 21 years old). A distinctive color is associated to each branch, so that users can easily recognize them and get in touch with the different structures of the association, choosing what they want to explore.


We succeeded in finding graphic solutions that hold together tradition and innovation. Gold and violet are the traditional colors of Agesci logo: we chose three different shades of violet and combined them with three complementary colors, to let the violet emerge as the prominent color.  To guarantee high readability we chose Roboto and its serif version Roboto Slab as font: this choice also reflects a special care for tradition because it’s very similar to some fonts used for scouting manuals at the beginning of the century.


Our main challenge was to provide a precise and consistent visual approach, suitable for all levels and structures within the organization. We worked on restyling the logo for regions, zones and groups and we designed a monocolor logo mark to be used in informal contexts. We also designed patterns to renovate the main communication templates.


We designed an online tool to customize the logo based on the colors of each group’s iconical handkerchief. The tool allows to create  a colored circle that surrounds the official national logo, becoming the hallmark of the group. This is a user-centered solution that strengthens the coherence of Agesci visual identity while enhancing specific local dimensions.  

We appreciated Latte Creative’s original ideas, the constructive cooperation and the attention paid to our needs. A great teamwork!

Marilina La Forgia & Matteo Spanò, National Presidents - AGESCI