An engaging website that spreads awareness of destructive fishing in the Arctic and invites people to support Greenpeace in their fight for protecting our planet.



Investigations by Greenpeace have shown industrial fishing fleets using destructive bottom trawling are invading previously pristine areas of the Barents Sea in the Norwegian Arctic. As sea ice melts due to climate change, these vessels are heading further north than ever before, putting this previously inaccessible ecosystem at risk. To raise awareness around this new threat, we built a website where users are driven deep down into the abyss, to discover magic creatures and fascinating ecosystems that need our help to survive.

The layered and graphically impactful interface of this landing page provides an enjoyable user experience and creatively fosters the message at the core of the campaign.
The use of the parallax effect ensures an immersive experience, leading the user from the surface to the deep abyss through scrolling movements that reflect and enhance the visual storytelling.  

We wanted to bring attention to the expandable petition form without compromising the overall narrative, so we came up with an idea: a sonar sound, combined with an animated circular graphic behind the form which starts shaking in conjunction with the sound. All this makes it quite impossible to ignore the call to action and provides the site with a strong sense of urgency.


The world environmental issues are closely related. Everyone has to contribute because everyone is involved. It was necessary to spread the site globally by providing the platform for exploration in twenty different languages, and this was possible thanks to our CSS management capability that has enabled all content to fit into the landing page in the various languages without overturning the structure.