A platform to preserve human rights and contrast hate speech online.

3,346 people who have joined The Movement

more than 500 hate speech reports


The Council of Europe asked us to design a campaign to empower European youth in taking action against hate speech online. Thus we created No Hate Speech Movement concept, identity and web platform. Our work focused on the double role played by young people, as they are the target and the main actors of the campaign. In order to encourage user’s proactive participation, we designed – and progressively updated – a website, developed on a LAMP based platform, and interactive tools like user reports of online hate speech and posts of personal messages.


We designed the No Hate heart logo
to spread the campaign’s positive message among young people of different cultures and languages. In the first graphic proposal we utilized a logo animated version, that reflected different aspects of hate speech. In the 2016 update, to enhance the brand awareness of the campaign, we realized patterns composed by two main elements: icons and faces, that recall the actions available on the platform and the community dimension.


We have developed a Content Management System tailored on the needs of the Council of Europe itself. A custom software allows high flexibility, ease-of-use, increased security and the possibility for us to provide extended future support. The result is a high performance website with complex and diverse functions, a very flexible online environment that can be extended and customized according to the needs of the campaign.


To highlight the community dimension of the campaign, we designed a user-generated content experience inspired by the heart logo. Through an interactive Web App, linked to personal computer camera, users are easily guided to upload their own pictures and associate a personal No Hate #WORD. These pictures appear on the navigable interactive homepage: the result is a never ending No Hate Chain, made by faces and thoughts connected to each others.


The NoHate activities available on the platform are organized and optimized to generate an increasing level of user’s engagement. Users can suggest and write posts for the blog and also become NoHate activists, by reporting hate speech online through the dedicated tool. National campaigns from all the countries involved in the movement are reachable  through an interactive map, showing contact information. The action can continue offline.

Latte Creative’s work in the last three years to run this project makes it the most important and effective campaign against online hate speech.

Antje Rothemund, Head of the Youth Department - Council of Europe