A printed guide, a website and a multichannel campaign to raise awareness of overfishing in the Mediterranean and the oceans.

All campaign materials translated into 10 different languages.

Launch events in 10 European and North African cities.

50 million people reached in 3 months.


WWF Mediterranean asked us to produce a guidebook, a website and a communication strategy to support Fish Forward, a project started in 2015 in 11 EU countries to increase consumer awareness of the ecological and social consequences their fish consumption has. Our goal was to show how our buying habits can have a huge impact on marine ecosystems and local communities all over the world, and provide consumers with useful tools that would encourage them to adopt more sustainable behaviours.


We wanted the campaign to have a catchy name, but also to be able to convey its purpose clearly. Furthermore, the title had to be consistent with the visual concept of both the guide and the website, and easy to translate into many languages. “Stories beneath your plate – The WWF seafood guide” perfectly answers these needs: it evokes the emotional and narrative approach of the campaign, makes it unique and recognizable, and still provides a precise definition of the core product.


Both the guide and the website include three main sections:
1. Facts about the connection between fish consumption and the life of communities in developing countries and the Mediterranean.
2. Profiles of 10 fish species with practical advice to foster their sustainable consumption, each paired with a recipe provided by a different international chef.
3. An easy color-code system and more scientific information on a wider variety of fish species that can be found in our markets.


The printed guide and the website had to be consistent in terms of design and visual identity (a WordPress theme for the site had already been chosen so graphic layouts were designed following such theme’s features). Colors and icons distinguish the different sections and types of content, while the structure based on blocks allows the user to easily navigate through images and texts and guarantees a smooth experience as well as an effective path to identify the most interesting or useful information.


Working closely with WWF Mediterranean team, we developed a multi-channel communication strategy to support the launch and promotion of the campaign in all the countries involved in the project. Products and services include:

  • social media materials: 2 series of 5 posts, each made up of text and a graphic card + a series of 5 stories about fishermen shared via Facebook notes.
  • offline materials: a roll-up, a poster and a sticker used during launch events.
  • guidelines and concept for an Instagram contest.
  • digital pr strategy involving chefs and food blogger.
  • data analysis at the end of the campaign running period.

We love working with Latte Creative as they offer a strong mix of expertise, creativity and flexibility. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Anne Rémy, WWF Mediterranean Director of Communications