“Riparte il futuro” is an advocacy campaign developed in partnership with Libera, the most important Italian anti-mafia NGO. The project is aimed at creating  public awareness on the subject of corruption and advocating to strengthen the law against corruption by reforming the Penal Code.


The video teaser of the campaign sums up the goal of “Riparte il futuro” and makes a strong call to sign the petition.

Campaign website

The architecture of the user experience is created to give the strongest possibile visibility to the sign up form. We need action from Italian citizens and we are not shy to ask it.


Warm up

It is not easy to score 100.000 signatures in an online petition, so let’s celebrate! And by the way: this is just the beginning.


Getting national

Corriere della sera, the most important Italian newspaper, wrote an impressive editorial about Riparte il futuro. Yes, we have been on the news many times before. No, we had never reached the first page before. That was a great day!


Getting big

Scoring 300.000 signatures is even more challenging so we need to celebrate more. Here is an amateur video that grabbed the authenticity of the moment and the happiness of those who saw their wish for change becoming reality.

Getting Bigger

We are over 400.000 to have signed Riparte il Futuro. We want to fight the corruption in Italy and we are still not enough.



A new video for a new campaign spin off: bringing transparency in the health sector.


Half way

After having reached 500.000 signatures, we created a landing page to celebrate our goal: entering the page you can add your name to see how many people with the same name have signed the petition.

How many Luca or Maria or Eugenio? Don’t you want to know?

500mila-02 500mila-01

How many are 800.000 signatures?

800.000 is a big number and we were really excited.
Do you know how many signatures are 800.000?
We don’t know either, so we decided to find it out.
It seems that they are a lot (going and coming to the moon, huh?), but the finish line is still far: let’s do better!



The long-awaited goal! Now we are a 1 million community!
Are we stopping now?
Not at all!
New goals are coming: together we can really make the difference!

This is our national campaign (we were on Corriere della Sera and Repubblica) to celebrate the event!



Do you wanna share one of our petition or just sign in with a social network?

Yes you can!

Every petition on the website can be signed, not only by email, but also with Facebook and Twitter, and, on these social networks, you can share your signature and invite your friends.

If you’re browsing the website from a tablet or a smartphone, you can share contents and petitions through Whatsapp.

Isn’t that nice?



What's next?

If you are Italian you can follow the developments of the campaign on our blog.

In these years we kept corruption in the agenda setting, talked with politicians and institutions to remind they have taken a commitment with the nation: thanks to this hard work we have achieved some important goals and won three of our petitions.

Even if we have reached 1 million signatures, we keep on fighting against corruption, making people aware of the situation and trying to change the future.