Water Integrity Network

Water Integrity Network is an NGO which has the aim to counterforce corruption of the water around the world.

For the renewing of its online presence we had a very precise task from the start: reflect clearly the organization’s values and overcome the barriers of communicating a delicate and challenging subject.



In realizing the Water Integrity Network website, we aimed to let the user understand the huge amount of data about water integrity, without losing the visual impact.

A big, striking, photography slideshow dominates the homepage, distinct and emotional pictures are disseminated in various areas of the website to catch users’ attention and give a visual idea of water issues around the world but reading posts is comfortable and pleasant thanks to the editorial template design that gives rhythm to the text and increases readability.



The site design keeps alignment with Water Integrity Network brand identity guidelines, such as colors and font, that have provided its institutional appearance but introducing new shades and elements to give more dynamicity and a modern look.

palette win

We have chosen an architecture of fonts to better express complexity of content and information distributed in the website.

The result is that the editor has a multi level to organize and express content in posts, and users will be facilitated during their web experience.