Quiz: How corrupted are you?

Corruption is one of the most abstract concepts all over the world: it’s easy to think it only affects politicians, business men and, generally, people who move lots of money.

But that’s not the truth: corruption starts in everyday actions, when you don’t ask for a receipt in a shop or accept to pay a bribe to a policeman or a functionary to make your life easier.

Every illegal action, even if small and seemingly insignificant, is a piece in the big system that lets corruption spread throughout Italy and helps corruptors contaminate all the aspects of everyday life.


“Quanto sei corrotto?” (“How corrupted are you?”) is a five question quiz which is meant to let people realize how everyday actions contribute to the spread of corruption in Italy.

Every action has consequences and sometimes people underestimates the power of one single person: some little illegal actions are considered harmless, but they’re not.

This quiz is a way to get a broader picture of the situation and of the connection between people and corruption.



The five questions are meant to to portray 15 funny characters, taken from well known media products, who are representing a more or less strict attitude towards corruption.

They are:

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