A light, highly engaging website to promote a global movement of makers and a week of fun events all around the world.


We designed a one-page website adapting an elaborated brand identity (provided by Greenpeace) and playing with flexible modules in order to fit many different contents: general information, events calendar and preview, user generated content, blog articles, downloadable resources.


The Make Smthng Week website was the main online space where people from different countries could find out about the campaign’s purpose and consequently decide to take part in one of the many events organized in their local communities. For this reason, we decided to build a simple and yet engaging top section where users can drag and drop graphic elements, giving shape to their very own “cover picture”. This tool is very much consistent with the principles of creativity, upcycling and DIY that are at the campaign’s core, and it helped to grab the users’ attention so that they would stay on the website and get interested in the offline events.


The page had to feature a great variety of contents: information about the campaign, events calendar and preview, user-generated content from social media, blog articles, downloadable resources, calls to action. We played with the color palette and graphic elements, and designed a series of flexible but consistent modules to make the page navigation smooth and give each piece of content the right importance. We also added a fixed menu with anchor links to the different sections, so that users can easily reach any module with just a click.

Dear Latte,

You make the impossible possible!

Not only we love the website but we’re really grateful for your professionalism, time, patience and dedication to this project.

You really did #MakeSMTHNG awesome!

Chiara Campione - #MakeSMTHNG Week Project Leader