We created awareness about the positive impact of the health aid project in the Ivory Coast, carried out by Terre des Hommes and the European Commission. The target audience of the campaign is the European public as well as the Ivory Coast one.

The client

Terre des Hommes International Federation is a network of several national organizations working for the rights of children. They are supporting fair chance development without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. Through their projects they aim to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, their families and communities.


The Campaign

Terre Des Hommes and the European Commission started a campaign for mothers and children from the Ivory Coast. The region has been the scene of many bloody conflicts and Terre des Hommes is still trying to advocate good public health and the basic rights of children in the area. We campaigned with Terre Des Hommes to raise the voices of The Ivory Coast people. To do that we produced a video and developed a landing page for the  campaign.


The Video

We made the video available in french and italian. Using a young african woman’s voice, the concern became real. We came up naturally with the echography theme just by asking this natural emotional question we can all relate to: ‘Will you remember the moment when you will see your child for the very first time?’.

Landing Page

We aimed that the users engage with the campaign directly through the page, so we guided them to share and talk about it and be a truly be a part of the community. We also encouraged them to download and use the Facebook cover photo of the “Echo” campaign. We wanted all simplified information about the campaign. The more we share, the more attention we gain.