Global Alliance for Tax Justice

We collaborated with the Tax Justice Network, one of the most significant actors in raising awareness around tax justice on an international level, to design a logo for their new umbrella organization: the Global Alliance for Tax Justice. The Tax Justice Network mostly focuses on research and advocacy and it’s also active in creating partnerships with many campaigns, both on a local and a global level.

The Brief

GATJ is a newly formed alliance of autonomous regional networks working together for shared objectives in solidarity based on equality. Each regional network leads the fight against tax dodging within its own regional political and socio-economic context, and the alliance comes in to support the regional work, to amplify and synergies the regional work at the global level.

pins gatj

Multinationals not paying their fair share of taxes is a global problem – affecting all countries. It leads to growing inequality and erosion of welfare in the North and to perpetuation of poverty and inequality in the South.

Our Work

The goal was to create a logo that would be both recognizable and credible, a common symbol for the Alliance. As tax justice is sometimes hard to grasp, we tried to give a positive spin to the subject. We gave tax justice one of the most important human attributes: a face. The expression is friendly and the profile is obtained by using the universal symbol of portions. Through the merge of these two simple and well recognizable shapes, we managed to convey the idea of fairness: tax justice, for all.

t-shirt gatj


The values and the mission of the alliance are reinforced by a direct and incentive pay-off: Multinationals Pay Your Fair Share! The idiom makes this sentence easy to remember, and serves as a clear call to action.