Riconnessioni: a school for the future

We created a brand new identity for the Riconnessioni project, built a website, produced an animated promotional video and implemented a communication plan supported by print and digital assets.



Riconnessioni is a complex three-year project of Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo that wants to bring systemic change to primary and lower secondary schools, accompanying them through processes of technological, organisational, and educational innovation. We created a brand new identity for the project, built an elaborate website for a multiple audience and with different contents, produced an animated promotional video, and implemented a communication plan supported by print and digital assets. All the pieces had to perfectly fit together and effectively convey the main values and activities of the project to specific targets, such as teachers, parents, stakeholders, and general public.


We needed a logo that could be impactful, communicative, and able to immediately show the three faces of the project: digital, education, community. We worked on the typography to emphasize the concepts of connection and collaboration, which are recalled by the network of colored segments connecting the dots within the title. The graphic treatment allows for several declinations of the logotype itself and graphic paths (icons, texture), while the ratio behind the segments ensures homogeneity and consistency. The result is immediate, simple, readable, recognizable and extremely flexible: the perfect balance between the digital world and playful/educational aspects.


Riconnessioni is made by and for teachers, headmasters, parents, kids, institutional stakeholders, and a number of professionals from different areas of expertise. All these segments need to easily find the right contents on the website, navigate through the pages, interact with articles and be able to retrieve useful information in a few clicks.


We produced a 2D animated video addressed to all the target audiences involved in the project: parents, teachers, institutional stakeholders, and students. The smooth and emotional characters animation helps to explain complex technical and pedagogical issues, by telling the story of Viola, a little girl who is looking forward to discovering her exciting professional future!


After a careful analysis of the different target segments we wanted to reach through social media, we created an animated video and 3 series of cards in which catchy graphics and fun copywriting engage the audience on different levels. From smiling to discussing, from liking to resharing: a fresh way to explain the project and invite people to become part of the community!

Working with Latte Creative means firstly to discuss with curious and interested persons. The team listens to our needs that evolve through time, responds with several creative proposals, and involve us in choosing and expressing our preferences. Creativity, flexibility, promptness, and reliability are the keywords to describe Latte’s work.


Lorenzo Benussi - Chief Innovation Officer Fondazione per la Scuola