One Planet

‘There is only one Earth. Rethink what we are doing to our planet.’ We produced a video for the launching of WWF’s Living Planet Report 2012.


Our Work

The visuals for the One Planet film were created by researching the NASA and ESA archives for photographs where mankind’s impact was clearly visible from space. These included deforestation and forest fires, water usage, agriculture, smog, coastal pollution and the impacts of climate change on glaciers and polar ice. The images were then ‘nudged’ into human footprint shapes digitally, with care taken not to exaggerate the impacts but to emphasize their human origin.

The images were then layered and animated to give the impression they were being observed the through windows of the International Space Station or other orbiting craft. A shallow depth-of-field both focuses the viewer’s attention on the details and gives the feeling of miniature photography, so we get the impression this is a small planet, on which we should ‘tread’ lightly.

We created this video with Daniel Bird and Jaroslav Mrázek.