Salvatore Barbera

A life in Greenpeace. Teenager activist around Europe, he approached the web as junior international new media campaigner in Amsterdam, then head of the new media unit for Greenpeace Mediterranean in Istanbul. After two years as Climate and Nuclear campaigner in Greenpeace Italy, he launched and directed in Italy. Now he is focusing on Latte Creative and his new baby Worth Wearing

The focus of Salvatore’s work is to transform internet users into online activists. He witnessed the social media boom, involving himself in it from the very early phase.

When he joined the international office, Greenpeace didn’t even have a YouTube account or a Facebook strategy. Today, online communities are considered by the NGO as a priority target for all engaging and fundraising activities.

His most successful campaigns are “Green my Apple”, which eventually convinced Apple to rise the environmental standards of their hardware products and “I Lovve nuclear”, a petition campaign to stop the national nuclear program in Turkey which reached 180.000 signatures. His recent work addresses the development of the fund raising strategy for the Middle East and an intense work within mass mailing campaigning.

Master graduate in nuclear physic at Bologna University.