What we do at latte

At Latte we work side by side with organizations defending and protecting human rights, animal welfare, and the environment, as well as with civil society groups, social businesses and groundbreaking startups, and with the EU and state institutions to try to leave the world better than we found it.  One campaign at a time.

Raising awareness and engaging communities is often just a matter of being heard. And that with the right communication tools you can easily boost your voice and expand the scope of your cause.


We take care of everything that comes into campaigning, from coming up with the initial idea, to devising and carrying out a communication plan with a level of detail that would put Kubrick to shame.

> concept & content
> digital strategies
> social media & advertising

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We are devoted to making the world a nicer place – and by nicer, we also mean more attractive. This is why our design team will strive to find the best way to make your charitable projects shine. 

> brand identity
> data visualization
> print & packaging

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Good causes are like plants, they need their nutrients to grow.
At Latte, we devise fundraising strategies to feed the causes we care for and help scale their impact.

> donation tools
> email marketing
> merchandising

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Brilliant ideas need to move around. This is why motion and video are great tools to arouse interest around worthy causes and reach potential supporters.

> animation and motion graphic
> live action
> script & storyboard

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We believe that bringing people together is the best way to build lasting relationships. At Latte we like to do this through creative offline actions that enhance audience engagement.

> social experiments
> event concept and production

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Can coding really save the world from oil villains and from companies that exploit child labour? Well, we think so!
And this is what we do in order to make it happen:

> UX / UI
> web development & custom CMS

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Our mission is to make a difference, supporting both bottom up and top down initiatives. This is why we offer official communication solutions to help the EU and state institutions raise awareness around worthy causes.

tenders & grants
> election tools

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